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Installation for the Work in Progress 2017 exhibition at Royal College of Art, London.

This project is designed to address and propose remedies for some generally acknowledged inequities in the world. Resources are being exhausted globally as the economy demands our productivity and consumption. Societal addiction to oil has led to overproduction of unsustainable goods and predatory capitalism is a thing. Workers are stuck in meaningless, unethical or otherwise harmful jobs to make enough for basic subsistence. Automatisation is taking over production increasingly and while Basic Income Projects are being tested, work conditions is a constant battle.

The Work-In-Progress installation displays early drafts for an employment structure, a non-profit organisation providing work opportunities for non-specific production or even a speculative non-production.

It takes a departure from The Artist’s Reserved Rights Transfer And Sale Agreement by Seth Siegelaub and Bob Projansky, from 1971, and the idea of Universal Basic income with a reconstructional approach. Not to stop at reiterating issues, but rather facilitate a thinking about solutions.

This is a piece reaching over the fields of fine arts, social organisation and performing arts.