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Wikipedia Editing Training – Focus: Trans and Cis Women

Sunday 15 April, 4pm - 8.30pm

Evening and workshop with
Stuart Prior – Wikimedia UK
transactivist Denise Norris

Targeting marginalisation in academia, Unbias is teaming up to run a workshop on equality with Wikimedia and Denise Norris focusing on Women (Cis & Trans) / LGBTQIA+ experiences in IT and in information access online.

About Unbias
Unbias.cc is a creative commons project that continues to seek collaborative and like-minded supporters keen for systemic change and an egalitarian, inclusive culture to challenge western and androcentric hegemonies. As gender and race bias is a well-known problem within higher education, our ambition is to join forces with academics, activists, and web developers to improve ease of access to web-based information featuring women, people of colour, non-western origin and LGBTQIA+.

Our work is revolving around finding a multitude of functions to increase equality in representation and access to marginalised perspectives.

A first proof-of-concept response to the issue at hand, pioneered the Unbias plugin supported by Wikimedia.

Event schedule
4-4.10 pm Short introduction and welcome by Unbias, hosting the event, and a safe space policy brief.
4.10-5 pm Speakers Stuart Prior and Denise Norris presentations and a joint Q&A.
5 - 7.30 pm Workshops in groups according to skills and interest, with different focuses.
- Elena Falomo leading a speculative session on ‘rethinking equality in information access - what else must be done/how can it be addressed differently?’
- Stuart Prior lead a workshop ‘Editing Wikipedia: A guide to improving content on the online encyclopedia’ by using the Unbias format, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Meetup/Unbias_Format
7.30 - 8 pm All reconvene and present their process and outcomes.
8 - 8.30 pm Thanks to all - stay for a chat!

Newspeak House
Shoreditch, London