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Performance and installation
by Marie Fahlin and Jenny Berntsson
Performing: Cicilia af Dalmatinerhjärta
at Festival Display / Weld

"Sheath is the second part in a trilogy, in between
MOVING MATTER and SIDE_SITE and second­hand,
that investigates the relation between choreography
and sculpture. In the trilogy we re-cycle the
same material and the questions we ask are turned
around in a practised artistic discussion, concerning
the re-incarnation of a work, the way its new form
relates to the formers content. The work is animated
in a new form.

In the works the definitions of choreography and
sculpture are diffused and create an uncertainty regarding
what we see and experience, both as viewer
and as participator. We place ourselves on the border
and fuse them. In Sheath we’re also working in,
for us, new mediums and forms, photography: ex-it,
and curated exhibition in the form of three sculptures:
ex-hibit. We animate the sheaths with the materials
object, body and vision and they become the
works ex-hibit, exo-body and ex-it."