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by Alex Parry and Cicilia Östholm
for Bapor Tabo(o) / RAGE Collective and / Art Licks Weekend 2017

Spreading the gospel of disrupting and dissecting domination in shared spaces. We’re looking for core strategies for noticing and dealing with practices of inequality when they occur. We’ve often found ourselves in rooms where the same 1-4 people would overvoice or outmanoeuvre bigger groups, in all from ordinary discussions to lectures, classrooms and casual social spaces. It seems to be a recurring experience, not specific to any forum, and quite common. As it’s sometimes difficult to pinpoint what is exactly going on, to be able to address it and change it in the moment, we wanted to find tools for change. Through making workshops and researching discourse, we’re sourcing useful approaches for a toolbox of simple techniques, that can be spread and communicated to others through the workshop Equal Voices In the Room. Hopefully academia and social practices around this will look different in 5-10 years. More inclusive, smarter, with practices allowing rich and diverse discussions.