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Concrete poems soft Bodies

an exhibition about a gendered cityscape and corporeal presence in authoritarian space

by Kiran Multani Sukh and Cicilia Östholm

21 March
6 - 10 pm

In memory and physically inscribed, cities reverb through our bodies. Through observation, documentation and at times slight adjustments, this exhibition brings power structures as buildings, architecture, and attitudes to light and invites its audience to a conversation about their experiences. The exhibition involves photography, projections, sculpture and maps and has evolved in the cityscape of Paris.

Kiran Multani Sukh employs photography, performance and moving image as mediums to explore the Ideas of hybrid identity and the distance between facade and reality. Her interest lies in the emblematic notions of the hidden that oscillate between the personal and the political.
Her ongoing research investigates ideologies of high modernist architecture to render visible the exchange between self and the authoritarian spaces of the city. In order to express spatial resonance, she uses the architecture of the city as a surrogate body for self.


Cicilia Östholm works within socially engaged, visual and performing arts, with a base in dance and choreography. In intersections between economic theory, philosophy, and sociology, her practices investigate the conditionings of society — privileges, hierarchies, immaterial resources. Through research methodology, experimental life practices and activism she is moving bodily and intellectual practices out of the studio, to interact with, rather than perform for, others. Intra-species implications are emphasised in many of her projects – between humans, minerals, animals and plants.


Kiran is pursuing Masters of Art in Photography at Royal College of Art, London and Cicilia is in the MA Programme in Contemporary Art Practice — the Public Sphere Pathway, at the same university.

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