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March 21st through April 3rd

A multi disciplinary and multi national laboratory and collaboration. Co-producing and curating the festival Co-fest, at Kino Kultura, Skopje, Macedonia 31/3-2/4

Participants: Cicilia Östholm [ SWE ], Nefeli Oikonomou [ GR/SWE ], Ofelia Jarl Ortega [ SWE ], Pontus Pettersson [ SWE ], Mads Floor Andersen [ DK ], Iskra Sukarova [ MK ], Kliment Poposki [ MK ], Sabrina Zeleznik [ SLO ], Leonina Korneti Pekevska [ MK ], Lisen Ellard [ SWE ], Dario Bardam [ ES ], Boban Kuleski [ MK ]
Initiators: Nomad Dance Academy Macedonia, Aleksandar Georgiev [ MK/BG/SWE ], Elena Risteska [ MK ], Viktorija Ilioska [ MK ]
Location: Kino Kultura, Skopje, Macedonia
Realized through support by: Nomad Dance Academy Macedonia, Lokomotiva - Center for new initiatives in art, Ministry of Culture Macedonia, the Swedish Art Grants Committee

CO-teaching is a collaboration for finding alternative production modes through iterating individual and communal needs. It involves exchange on artistic and discursive level, for establishing stronger connection between the independent art scenes of Sweden and Macedonia. It’s a laboratory that invites artists engaged in works within progress or research platforms. The format is shaped through high levels of inclusion, promoting focus on work ethics, sharing strategies, methods and practices. The process follows the motto: Activation proposes direction for state of being, followed by state of functioning, followed by state of analyzing, therefore state of articulating.

CO-teaching offers the public festival Co-fest, as well as several initiatives inviting and engaging the local art scene and its publics.