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Bike Derivés

by Anna Asplind

Choreography and concept: Anna Asplind
Photage: Marcus Wilén
Komposition: Tomas Björkdal
Producer: Färgfabriken
Performing: Cicilia af Dalmatinerhjärta, Daniel Almgren Récen, Jens Edvaldsson, Johanna Nordin, Jonas Liveröd and Linda Karlsson

Description from Anna's website:

"During a month’s time Anna has “drifted” by bike between Färgfabriken and the art gallery at Haninge kulturhus. To drift, or to perform a dérive, is a method that was used by the Situationists, a political and artistic group in Paris in the 1950s. Just as they investigated how the urban environment of the industrial age influences our emotional state, Asplind has used the dérive to investigate the effect the suburbian landscape has on the traveling body.

In cooperation with the audiovisual artist Marcus Wilén and the composer Tomas Björkdal she has created a video piece where the psychogeography of each place propels the journey forward from one scene to another. In a suburbian landscape designed for the car they have taken the time to stop and be present in places made hostile to stay in by the loud noise, threatening speed and brutal form. The car’s dominance in this environment creates borders and barriers to the traveling body which makes meetings between people more difficult. By opening our mind, breaking our habitual pattern of movements, and letting go of our preconceived notions we can see and experience new things.
shown at Huddinge Konsthall and at Färgfabriken in the exhibition Experiment Stockholm

More about the project at annaasplind.se

http://cicilia.works/files/gimgs/th-17_cykel derive.jpg