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Concept: Marie Fahlin, Lisa Torell, Cicilia Östholm af Dalmatinerhjärta and Teres Selberg.
Examinators: Lisa Torell, Cicilia Östholm af Dalmatinerhjärta and Teres Selberg
Text: Freely after Spinoza
Festival:Display / Weld, 11 – 16 June

Where the exercise ends and reality begins.

If the component possesses a reason for its own actual existence, its existence is a contradiction in the very nature itself. And the expression natural would de facto be the most unnatural thing we could have.

Originated from a constant follows a determined given effect, that without constant is totally without result.

Can we through that perhaps decide that we actually found evidence that the components, to a real extent, are not capable of expressing independence?

Possible factors could lead to infinite strength, and in the long run to power, abuse of power. The question is how we can map its example.

I would just like to clarify some important strategies in our puzzle of evidence.

It continues into infinity. Imagine if it had left its mark so that we could communicate over time.

Just the thought of its existence makes me feel naked with admiration.

Text from Teres Selberg's hemsida.

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