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Concept/choreography/scenography/light/costume: Nadja Hjorton, Chrisander Brun
Performers: Cicilia Östholm, Per Sundberg, Emelie Wahlman, Erika Thalinsson Ranhagen, Anna Strand Andersen, Elvira Roos
Premiere at MDT Stockholm, Sweden, May 2011
and shown at The Coming Boogie Woogie festival / MDT, Stockholm, Sweden

"We depend on each other and nothing is necessary. we voluntarily and involuntarily commit to meeting with hyper sensitive bodies and extreme sensory awareness.

In 2011 the BA students at DOCH worked together with Nadja Hjorton and Chrisander Brun, with a performance practice for 4 weeks that developed their capacities to sense and work with their reactions and relationships. The practice was all about being an open, accessible and multi-perceptive entity. By constantly, through the entire work, insisting on practicing a piece instead of rehearsing a piece, they tried to move the focus from a more traditional entrance to choreography and dance - how something looks or is interpreted -to the experience, the exploration and the potential."

Photo: Håkan Larsson

More about this project at Nadja Hjorton's webpage

40 MINUTER from Nadja Hjorton on Vimeo.