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∞ - The Practice Formerly Known As Dance

by Josefin Larson Olin
Senior advisor and project partner: choreographer/dancer Tove Sahlin.
The project is financed by DOCH and W.I.S.P. (Women In Swedish Performing arts)
Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden

∞ - The Practice Formerly Known As Dance is an exam project by dancer Josefine Larson Olin at the master programme of new performative practices at DOCH (University College of Dance and Circus, Stockholm).

"The practice of dance today is not going to sustain. There is too much sameness and whiteness and as in all societies, we need plurality for something to develop and not only vary.
If we were to draw a geographical map of what kind of dance practices are being danced where, we would see a map coherent to the one drawn by colonialists. If we were to connect the economic structures supporting dance to the practice of dance, we would see that those structures shape the dance that is economically supported. If we were to dissect the political architecture of the common denominators within Western contemporary dance we would find patriarchy inscribed in its aesthetics. How can we make the practice of dance sustainable when it is as coloured by political reality and history as anything else?
It is time to raise awareness about the politics that are echoing in our canonised dance practices and act for change. We will share with you an impassioned speech assembled from quotes of multiple voices. The quotes are taken from recordings during several sessions of dance & dance-talk on the topic, in Stockholm during the spring of 2013. The invitation to the sessions was open to all women and transgender persons active within dance."

∞ - The Practice Formerly Known As Dance from Josefine Larson Olin on Vimeo.