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Cicilia Östholm works within performing arts and visual arts, with a base in dance and choreography. She is currently pursuing a Master of Arts Degree in Contemporary Art Practice — the Public Sphere Pathway, at Royal College of Art.

After a BA in Contemporary Dance Practice from Stockholm University of Arts, University of Dance and Circus, Stockholm 2011 and an additional year of studying Fine Arts at the Art School of Stockholm, she made the three-year-long, independent study Utopia of Non-Conformity

Travelling for the research project Utopia of Non-Conformity she kept an itinerant practice for three years. Moving through different contexts of 200 locations in 16 countries, the research provided a foundation for her current work on what regulates access in society. Her analysis is concerned with the often subtle transactions regulating socially interdependent, immaterial resources, such as privacy, mobility and credibility. A constant trade that permeates human society.

Looking into intersections between economic theory, philosophy and sociology, her practices investigates the conditionings of society — privileges, hierarchies and the sharing of socially interdependent resources, with a long-time interest in human rights and social justice. Recent projects focus on bias in access, and how subjective and subconscious views affect systems for access to shared resources.