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Cicilia Östholm investigates bias and equality through visual and performing art. In diffractions between economic theory, philosophy, and sociology she seeks possibilities for systemic change, to counteract andro- and anthropocentric hegemonies.

Addressing different aspects of the ideology inherent to these systems of othering is part of an ongoing practice that works through methods for consciousness-raising and community building, addressing issues of social justice. Other approaches involve technological intervention for undermining dominance based on binaries in gendered space, and challenging the western canonical culture within academia and systems for dissemination of knowledge.

She works within performing arts and visual arts and is currently a Ph.D. student at the Royal College of Art, continuing on from the MA in Contemporary Art Practice — the Public Sphere Pathway, at the same university. This, after a BA in Contemporary Dance Practice from Stockholm University of Arts, University of Dance and Circus, Stockholm 2011, and an additional year of studying Fine Arts at the Art School of Stockholm.